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Performing the WOD using the standard 3 on 1 off schedule will certainly contribute to leaning you out. Of course you need to have your diet in order if you want to make progress. Speaking of which, what does your diet currently look like?

If you're going to give CrossFit an honest shot, you'll probably need to scale back on your running for a while. The WOD, while usually brief, is extremely intense and incredibly taxing. Physical job + lack of sleep + CrossFit + lots of running = inadequate recovery and lack of progress. Since you're running 20-30 miles per week you're obviously concerned with endurance. One of the beautiful things about CrossFit is that you will improve your endurance along with the other aspects of fitness, concurrently in a condensed format.

I encourage you to heed David's suggestion to read around the site as much as possible. Read and re-read the free issue of the CrossFit journal titled, "What is Fitness?"

You've stumbled across one of the most effective programs for acquiring the function and fitness required by your profession. It's gonna blow you away :-)
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