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Theo: At 5'11", 183 you are close to the "perfect" height and weight to be a CrossFit monster. You just need to hold that weight while you lose a couple more % bodyfat and add the same weight back as muscle.

What you get in any one week of the WODs is not the whole program. I'd advise you to read around the site as much as you can, and then take responsibility for what you want and how you train.

If all you truly want to do is "lean out" (at any cost to your muscles), get on a running program of 35 - 50 miles / week. In 6 months you will probably be leaner, 10 pounds lighter, and dramatically weaker.

I bet that's not what you want.

Doing the WODs on a 3-on / 1-off schedule, and eating in the Zone diet, will normalize your body to something close to it's ideal weight.

Most people who start CF either gain or lose weight in the direction they wanted.
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