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Re: Proven year of work doing the Main Site WODs, more to come

I started Crossfit when I went to a one month class in one of the Crossfit Gyms in Colorado Springs, CO, back in MAR 2009 I think, my unit sent me there to learn stuff although I didn't learn a lot, I learned enough to keep myself busy and some members from my unit, but I wasn't doing it religiously, after that I got hooked, I noticed Improvement in a month Compare to do doing regular Army PT. in 2009 I got deployed and Religiously every day start doing the Main site WODs, Yes plenty of Workouts I scaled them down to just what I can't Do, My goal was to get Stronger while improving my Cardio, I can't honestly tell you if I scaled down by percentage, most of the time I would look at the Crossfit Brand X page and use their subs for stuff that I couldn't do. If a Workout includes a total of 25 Thrusters with 155 LB and you know your 1 RM thrusters is 115, sometimes you might want to challenge yourself and your brain and pick maybe 105 LB or maybe 110 or a weight that you know it will be a challenge to do, I have got to where I am today with a lot of training, time and perseverance. No SS, CFSB or no program, I try CFSB for about 3 weeks and it was not for me but I would recommend it, Forget about other people’s times and loads in the main page, It is you versus you, some people are just born with magnificent Athleticism some others like us regular people actually have to work out butts off to get there, but it is possible to do whatever you want to do.

Right now I am working on my weakness more and doing my affiliate WOD in Columbia, SC, rather than the main page, although once in a while I do still the main site WODs.

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