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Starting the Zone

Alright so I know a few people doing crossfit is also following The Zone lifestyle. I've recently read "Mastering the Zone" and "A Week in the Zone", and I have a few questions which I'm hoping people maybe able to answer for me.

1) When determining the number of protein blocks you need to take per day you multiple your activity level with your lean-body mass. Now for me I just do crossfit as my form of physical activity, yeah yeah I know I should be complementing it with a sport but I don't have time with finishing school and starting my career. The book has these listings:

Moderate Activity 1.5 hours per week
Active 1.5 to 2.5 hours per week
very active greater than 2.5 hours per week
Elite athlete or weight training five times per week

Which would be the right level of activity to go with. I still can't do some of the W.O.D.'s Rx'ed and I'm slow on the other times, not quite up with amazing yet. Suggestions?

2) Also to do with calculating % body fat. The Zone in "Mastering the Zone" tells you to make 2 measurements, (1) measure your wrists; (2) measure your waist; using your wrist to waist ratio measurements (1 and 2) you look down the chart to where it corresponds to your weight for me its (178lbs, I'm 5"9" btw). Now with that in mine according to the chart it says I'm at 20% (gross) but later in the book it says if you can lift your arm up and see your ribs then you're 13% (love handles means 15%). Think is I can see my ribs not all of them and I don't have love handles so that leads me to suspect I'm not 20% like the chart measurement shows. I'm wondering if it's because I have very thing wrists (which I do) that might be throwing off the calculation. Which % body fat should I go with?

3) Also last thing, I read in "A Week in the Zone" that if you plan to exercise you should eat a Zone snack 30min before a workout (crossfit) and again 30mins after. Would that still apply to me since well on some days crossfit W.O.D.'s can be really short or really long (it's the short days I'm worried about ie 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Deadlifts). I just want to know what other Zone eaters and Crossfitters do.

Thanks for the help. I'm hoping to get in the Zone soon, and continue my amazing transformation through Crossfit it's been 5 1/2 amazing months.
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