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Re: Fulton Crossfitters

Now from the notebook a sample of our older workouts and times in no particular order.

From CFPC, 1/26/08, "Me Love You Long Time" slightly modified for our gym

Me Love You Long Time

Run 1/4 mile
50 DB Snatch 25/25 (44 lbs)
50 D-Ball Slam (15)
50 Calories Rowing

Run mile
40 DB Swings (44 lbs)
40 Pullups
40 Push Press (75)

Run mile
30 Ring Pushups
30 Hang Power Cleans (95)
30 Wall Ball

Run 1 mile
20 DB Thrusters (35)
20 Barbell Clean and Jerk (35)
20 2-hand DB Push Press (25s)

Robert 1:02:09
Shawn 1:10:20 (scaled)
Adam 1:13:00 (scaled)

The barbell C&J were to have been sandbag C&J but the Y doesn't like sandbags. Need more weight on the last two exercises next time.

Eugene at CFPC has some outstanding workouts on his affiliate site.

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