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Fulton Crossfitters

This will be the thread on which I post workouts and results for the Fulton, MO Crossfitters. I will also take the liberty of posting my own T/TH/S workouts and results. Other Fulton Crossfitters are welcome to add their own separate workouts and results/times.

First post will be the workout from today, 2/11/08. I will also post some old results for comparison.

20 Tire Burpees (jump into and out of the tire)
10 Pull ups
10 Over unders
10 Burger flips
Hops up the stairs
400m run

3x through

Adam 23:30
Robert 26:40
Brad 26:40
Lisa 27:20

Apologies to Gina, John, Brice, Shawn, I didn't get your times this morning.
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