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Dean Whittle
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Self Protection Blog

This is my first post in quite some time, but I thought this may interest CrossFitters.

Wayne Roy has recently started a self protection blog, one that focuses on the ‘soft skills’ of self defence. It’s Primal Protection ( includes posts on:

• Primal attack ritual
• Looking like a hard target
• Protecting your family
• Defensive driving tactics
• Primal threat indicators
• Handling threats and intimidation
• Plus a number of others

Although Wayne is primarily known as the person who brought Bujinkan Ninjutsu to Australia and New Zealand, he has long had an interest in the broader aspects of self protection.

Wayne updates the blog on a regular basis so check it frequently once you’ve had the chance to read through the existing articles.

I hope you get something of value out of it.

With respect
Dean Whittle
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