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Re: GSP VS. Silva, GSP stand a chance?

I've seen Stefan Struve get KO'd a couple of times. Ain't nobody got a longer reach than him

I think Jones is dominant but will still have to pay his dues and defend his title against all comers before we start putting him in the same category as Silva. I would love to see them fight someday, especially if Silva is still in his prime.

Used to love GSP. When he was an up and comer he was very aggressive and finished the majority of his fights. Now, not so much. Since I'm not the one in there fighting him I guess he's free to fight in any way he pleases. He will go down in the record books as having one of the longest reigns in WW history, but he is losing fans steadily with his reluctance to really engage and go for finishes.

GSP is a great tactician and would clearly use Sonnen type tactics if they ever fought. However, at this point in time I would never, ever, ever bet against the Spider. He is the greatest.
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