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Roy Taylor
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According to equipment, goals, space, etc., I assume a good number of us here have their own unique system or style of doing the WOD.

I just bought my first house which has high ceilings, but no good place to put a weight set which is fine because I don't lift weights(except 55lb dumbell snatches and swings) and plus, I jump a lot.

Here is an example of my system:

chair dips replaces dips on dip station

kickboxing heavy bag(or shadow or combo of both) replaces cardio/sprint modalities(its even better, plus I practice it anyway)

1 arm db snatches replaces the barbell snatches(when the WOD calls for 1 arm, thats even better)

Various plyometrics replaces O-lifts. heres some examples:
jumpsquat for hang squat clean
kip-up for powerclean
kip up to jumpsquat for clean and jerk
(kip up to burpee is a more intense version)

pistols replaces deadlifts and squats

Everything else is fine as prescribed.(such as my pullup bar, two chairs together for reverse hypers, and parallettes)

Basically, this all comes down to my own style. In fact, crossfit in this manner is my martial arts practice. Even though it means kickboxing only on days that implement running or rowing, I have been improving with striking technique, power, and speed. As a sidenote, trampoline performance has absolutely shot through the roof.

Has anyone else come up with their own style/system? Im interested to see.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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