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Re: Touch and go vs. reseting.

Originally Posted by John A. Smith View Post
What are the merits of touch and go? I never do touch and go.
The merits of touch and go are that you can do more reps. You are effectively allowing yourself to move more weight at the top of the movement instead of being limited by the start. It also works your grip more and requires you to stay tighter longer. Plus doing a high rep set of deads without touch and go is just boring/takes forever, etc.

In Wendler's 5/3/1 ebook it says:
"There are two options for doing multiple reps with the deadlift. You can either touch-and-go the reps (slight bounce off the floor), or you can do dead stop deadlifts. For these, you’ll reset for each rep. I’ve done both, and both work. The downside to touch-and-go is that when you build up momentum, you can bounce too hard and lose your tightness. If you’re strong enough to hold your position and you have the control to do it, this option will work for you. The dead stop option is good for most people, but make sure you reset perfectly each time. The beginning portion of the lift is where most back injuries will occur. In this regard, the touch-and-go style is a little safer."

So I do both. I really don't think you should be condemning touch and go. Like anything it's got it's pluses and minuses. I do it both ways.

But, of course, Touch and Go doesn't mean bounce the **** out of it.

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