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Re: Touch and go vs. reseting.

Originally Posted by Terry Gibbs View Post
merits to both, big issue is keeping your form so you are working what you set out to work out the start of the set.

Romainians, SLD, Snatch Grip do not reset, but the weights are not that heavy that my breathing becomes compromised nor my upper back to hold the right form.

Pure deads, rack pulls done are done with pause.... not to reset tension, don't care, but to allow a good breath, re tighten diaphram, reset upper back shoulders etc.
What are the merits of touch and go? I never do touch and go.

Lifting dead weight off of the floor is more difficult and will make a person stronger IMO. When I have DEADlifted my own body weight for as many reps as possible in 4-5 minutes for conditioning, I still did DEADlifts not touch and go.

Originally Posted by Tamara Cohen View Post
If a novice lifter is still making linear gains on his deadlift, I would never have anyone touch and go deadlifts. In fact, it is banned at my gym.

The "dead" in deadlift is the part that means from a DEAD stop.
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