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Re: Simplified mobility WOD?

Originally Posted by Latham Fell View Post
K Starr's mobility WOD ( (link WFS) is amazing, but it's still a little inconvenient for me, since it takes 5-10 minutes just to watch the video, before I can start moving/stretching.

What I would love is a 7 or 14 day routine, 3-4 stretches/movements per day, that I can just repeat over and over.

I can make it myself by going through the MWOD archives and writing down the most common exercises, but I am hoping someone already has a good routine I can use.
The whole point of the mobility project is to teach us how to fix things ourselves. Kelly provides the MWODs as examples and a way to ensure compliance, but the real point is for you to understand what you need to work on and have ways and means to address your mobility issues.

So it isn't sensible or really possible for anyone who doesn't know you well, know how you move, know where you hurt, know where you're tight to give you a mobility program.
Well there is one person, you.

And that's the point of the whole exercise.

Do them for a week. The same basic mobilisations come up often enough that that should give you pretty good coverage. At the end of that week you'll know what your problems are and you'll have a good collection of mobilisations and myofascial release techniques to address them.
I'd still suggest yo watch the MWODs to keep what you're doing fresh and because if you do address your problem areas, they will over time stop being problem areas and you'll maintain those and move onto other areas which are limiting your performance.
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