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Re: Cross Fit Rigs

Originally Posted by alan weible View Post
I found a manufacturer in San Antonio that is exploding on the Cross Fit scene with his awesome products. Cross Fit is blowing up in the south, boxes are popping up everywhere and these guys seem to have found there way into these new facilities. Not only are their rigs the best I have seen but their GHD are also top of the line. They have some incredible options for their rigs: land mines, dip attachments and I love their laser cut "gun rack" vertical post for use in their stainless steel J-hooks for squatting and bench.
They also do custom colors at no extra charge. If you are in the market for a rig for your box or the best GHD for the price, you will want to check them out:
Alan Weible
And YOUR association with them is what, exactly? So far, all of your posts here have promoted this company. Bad juju.

- Mark
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