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Monday 29 NOV 10


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift (scaled 150lb DL)
Handstand push-ups (scaled HSPU progressions on box)

Round 1: 2:05
Round 2: 1:57
Round 3: 0:50

Total 4:53

For the DL I picked the heaviest weight I thought I could do with unbroken sets. I was able to get through the first round, but I broke the second round into sets of 8 and 7. Looking at my times for the rounds, I think I should have pushed harder on the second round. I totally felt like I was running out of gas, especially on the HSPU progressions, but if I was able to get through the last round unbroken the wall was probably mostly mental... Time to hit it harder tomorrow.
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