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Overhead Squat, poor posture


I'm fairly new to Crossfit, been following the main page WOD for about a month and so far have enjoyed it immensely. I've never hurt so good.

I'm hoping for some advice on an issue I've been having:

The Overhead Squat. I have poor posture, and rounded shoulders. Because of this it is very difficult for me to perform a correct overhead squat, in fact I can't do it at all. When I begin to lower my body I feel like I'm falling forward and can't keep my heels on the ground. It is very difficult to keep the weight above my head and balanced.

I have searched and have been actively trying to do exercises and stretches specifically to improve my posture. While I feel like I'm standing straighter, it is still difficult / uncomfortable for me to hold just my arms straight above my head, and an overhead squat is almost out of the question.

I wasn't sure if my inability to do this exercise was due to poor technique, as I am like I mentioned new to lifting. (Prior to Crossfit I never attempted to do a squat with weight over my head) Poor posture, or a combination of both.

So I guess my question / issue is how can I work on this? Suggestions for ways to practice form / correct my posture? Any help or advice is appreciated, thank you.
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