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Re: The Call Out - Tahoe Throwdown!

Originally Posted by Jon West View Post
I just read his bio on the rogue fitness site...

I think he is superman. so unless he has a kryptonite, I don't think there is anything he cannot do
double unders. In fact he isn't real great at a few of the "skill" movements. Like Pistols, Double Unders, and Muscle Ups. I think he was doing muscle ups in one of the videos and you could tell he wasn't nearly as efficient at them as some of the other crossfitters. He was actually using his strength to "muscle" it up instead of just kipping the hell out of em.

Of course he's a total monster otherwise. But even he admits he needs to work on those skills and that it's what hurt him at the games.

Yes, these videos are awesome to watch.
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