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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

While I somewhat enjoy the camaraderie of partners in suffering during a WOD, most of my training my own isn't CF and I can't imagine many people wanting to do the stuff I want to do. I don't particulary like the programming my friend sticks to (mostly SS with some metcon). Honestly whether they are there yelling at me or not, I go at the same pace (possibly because ignore most everything around me when I"m working out in a WOD or set-it's just me and who really gives a damn about the rest of them?)

Katherine, you make a very good point of that most of our friends wouldn't be willing to do anything like CF or get thrown around (well some of my mates are dojo/training group mates but not all are).

I still like training with my friends out in Marin or in Sac but it's for the change of pace for me than what I'd want to do most of the time. I kinda hate being such a loner sometimes and wish I was in a group...until I am and I've sacrificed time and money to do a WOD I could've down on my own (aka BW CF).
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