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Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Originally Posted by John Scott Rezendes View Post
Sweet garage. Mine looks like a scene from Wall-e compared to yours.

I usually work out from 0915-1100-ish. My time is mostly dictated by kids school schedules, etc. I work out on Ft Stewart at the main gym there (free). They have 2 C2 rowers, one of which has stripped gear teeth and they refuse to fix it. They have k-bells and med balls (but not dynamax). The pull up bars are part of a crossover machine and strangly enough I find it easier to knock out 20 kipping pull ups on them (they have rubberized grips) than on my static bars at home. I built a 4x4/galvanized pipe rig in the back yard that includes 2 pull up stations, a situp station and a dip station. I have a C2, a 12lb dynamax, a 35lb k-bell, buddy lee speed rope, and rouge fitness rings. My next purchase should be some bumper plates. And running, well, I live in southern GA. Mostly nice enough year round.

Sounds like you have a nice setup. Sorry your gym won't fix their C2 - - it's not expensive or time consuming and their refusal to repair it places one of the best fitness devices out of service...on the good side, you have your own...

Nice "Lynne" workout. That was a great time, even if the WOD wasn't time-oriented.

My brother and his family live in Fayetteville - - must be a couple hours to your north. GA is a beautiful place -- just humid for us fair-weather Californians.......

Have a great day!

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