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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

So...I woke up deciding to stop doing the CFSB because I miss the competition and comparing WOD times with others. So I decided to do a CrossFit total and not belabor the PR attempts through the whole week....

Squat 346 (PR by 30#)
Press 160 (PR by 10#)
Deadlift 426 (PR by 20#)

TOTAL: 932#!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it. Now I can't justify stopping the CFSB. Not with these kinds of results. If anyone is interested in doing the same WODS while on the SB for a little friendly competition let me know. I figure I'll stop when I get to the 1000# CFT club.

Thanks Jeff, Bingo and Kempie. I truly appreciate your dedication and taking the time to help others out completely free of charge.
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