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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Guys seriously, keep it civil! There is no need to get so heated over such a minor thing. If it escalates much more the mods will probably close the thread!

Robert (good name) i agree that the game was a blight on HS sports. But you CANNOT blame the more skilled players or coach for that! Blame the losing teams coach for not adequately preparing them, the losing teams administration for hiring a sub par coach, or the organizer that scheduled the games, but as soon as you start punishing people for success you start down a very slippery slope. They came out their and did what they trained to do. Was it classy? Was it necessary? Maybe not, but they worked within the frame work provided to them and excelled. To then turn around and punish them for that is totally *** backwards and sending the wrong signals.

We do not need to bring everyone to the lowest common denominator, but rather bring them up to a higher level of preformance. This is part of what CF runs on and why most of the people here are defending the winning team.

I hope that makes sense

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