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Re: alyson's log

Lots and lots of strength stuff today, but first, have to finish my food log from yesterday:

2:00 - 1 block of ginger pear chicken; 1oz ham; 2/3 cup fresh raspberries; 1 macadamia nut (I was hungrier than I thought)
6:45 - 3 total blocks of shrimp with broccoli, celery, and onion (Erin's looked so good the other day, I had to try it)
7:30 - 1 oz ham; 1 block worth of 73% dark chocolate (okay, I was still hungry)

This was better than most weekend days.

9:30 - 3 oz of cranberry orange chicken with ~1 block of carbs; 3/4 cup mashed turnips, ~3/4 cup mixed berries (I think this is the first time I had something other than typical breakfast food for breakfast, and it was good!)
12:30 - 1 total block of shrimp with broccoli, celery, and onion
2:00 ish - WOD
5:30 - 4 oz steak with ~ 1 block of onion and pepper; 1 1/4 cups cauliflower; 1 apple baked with cinnamon and a small amount of walnuts (I was hungry so decided to make this a 4 block meal, which I don't normally do, but it was a good decision for today.)

I did a lot of strength stuff today at open gym.

Overhead Squats
65x5xf (65x2) - weird should pain after I dumped - still a PR though
65x5xf (65x1) - still weird pain, so I stopped here and switched to back squats

Still have a weird thing with my OHS. Erin pointed out that I'm too good at dumping the weight if I have to that maybe I'm just dumping at the first sign of being unstable instead of trying to correct and stand up (usually dump in the hole). I agree, and I really need to work on this. 55lbs was easy, 65 didn't seem too difficult. I also think that I rush and need to slow down just a teeny tiny bit, maybe that will help with the unstable-ness at the bottom of the squat. Would like to get 75lbs next time I OHS. Will just have to work more on this.

Back Squats

I haven't back squatted in over 2 months, so this was good...125 was my previous PR, so I was happy I kept the same weight...125x3 was also done about 20 minutes after I did 115x5 (I was watching and keeping track of Sam's 16 + rounds of Cindy )

13s, 14s, 13s

8x2 deadhangs with purple band (Didn't quite make it all the way on the 2nd pullups. This was hard, I kip when on the purple band, so I had to keep reminding myself not to.)

Ok, I think that's all for tonight!
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