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Re: alyson's log

All I gotta say is - "Grace" - the Saturday before you leave. Let's hit up sub 5.

Oh yeah - and you are in such big trouble...breaking my squat clean PR cannot be allowed. I'll race you to 115, Miss 205lb. Deadlift.
We're going to do "Grace" the same day as rock climbing? Definitely want to hit sub 5 this time...and as Rxd. I'm sure I can do it this time.

I thought I just tied your squat clean PR...didn't stand up 110.

So far today:

10:00 - Fasted WOD
11:30 - Cafe Americano with a splash of milk
11:45 - Lamb, curry, carrot, escarole, onion stuff that Erin made that was wonderful!
1:45 - Cafe Americano with a splash of milk

Josh - slightly modified
21 OHS (used 55lbs)
42 Jumping Pull Ups
15 OHS
30 Jumping Pull Ups
18 Jumping Pull Ups


Very happy to have my overhead squat back. I had issues about a month ago and couldn't even do 45lbs (this was after doing 65lbs before that). Just got too much inside my head, so I'm glad that's over I'm wondering what my max OHS is...hmmm...maybe I'll find out Sunday.
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