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Originally Posted by Andrew Bell View Post
Welcome to the site Jon, and congratulations on both losing a lot of pounds, and completing all those events. I ran my first half marathon this past November with no plans to run another one afterwards. Lol

I definitely believe a less is more approach is good for many things. There is also the keep it simple and stupid method. However, I do believe that for something as specific as Ironman, a generalist routine such as CrossFit may not be the best idea. While I definitely think that it can help you in some areas, I am more of the belief that a full endurance program based around Ironman training is your best bet.

The basis of crossfit is to help you get much better at being a very well-rounded athlete. The demands of Ironman are rather laid out well in advance. Very long endurance efforts at three different disciplines. Personally, I would focus on those three disciplines more than anything else to get through this.

Well I am a fan of CrossFit in many cases, I am not a fan of using this style of training for something as specific as Ironman. While I believe that the training of muscular endurance can be a benefit, I would definitely be cautious about the met cons prescribed in any CrossFit workout for a training so specific as Ironman.

That's some of my thoughts and my opinions. There are thousands others like it, and thousands not like it. Perhaps someone who is a fan of using CrossFit for Ironman training can speak up. Just doing my due diligence to ensure that you do not throw caution to the wind and think about what I have mentioned here.

A full Ironman is a very specific event. Your training should be focused on it.

I would be careful about using Crossfit Endurance. Last time I checked (been awhile), the creator himself has DNF'd every ultra he's participated in since. The only person I know of that's actually completed ultras on CFE does not think very highly of that style of training.
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