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Re: My Weightlifting Shoe Reviews (VS, Pendlay, Adidas, Nike, Reebok)

Originally Posted by Mac Miller Jr View Post
i use my adipowers for heavy met cons all the time. box jumps, jump rope, even short runs. they have held up great.
Sorry to pile on Mac but I'm feeling the same way Jeff and Andrew are, I've had a pair of Adipowers for almost two years now. Only wear them for weightlifting now but I use them 3-5 times a week. jumping rope isn't so bad, I used to do DU's in them with no problem. Box jumps are iffy and running is just a bad idea simply from the standpoint that you'll wear out the sole if you keep it up. The soles on the Adipowers are thin and not designed for that kind of wear. Obviously they're your shoes and you can do as you wish but I just wouldn't run or do box jumps in those.
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