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Re: Dumped a Squat Clean in a Globo Gym

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
Hang cleans will help. But I really think you have to get your butt down further through the first pull. You're letting your hips get too high up before the bar gets past your knees, which is what is getting the bar away from your body.

I sound like a broken record saying that on almost every clean video posted on here, but that's really the most common problem I see, whether on the boards here or at actual CF gyms I've been to.
Thanks for the advice, I'll work on it. I think when I had a mirror to look into at the globo gym I was better with my back angle on the first pull. But, now I'm trying to work on technique based on feel, rather than trying to watch myself in a mirror.

I've actually been wondering about that lately; would you recommend training with a mirror or try to fix things with feel and filming myself?

I know a coach is the best thing, but right now, it's kind of not an option. I will be taking advanced weightlifting at my college starting in Janurary though

Thanks again for all the feedback.

Just watched your vid. Thanks, that is comforting haha. I definetely have to put in alot more work to clean things up, but I'm sure I'll eventually get there. Yeah, my jerk is BAD lol. I never did any jerks at the glob gym because I didn't want to dump the weight from overhead :/

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