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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Originally Posted by Blaise Davis View Post
yet another rhabdo thread
Hold on while I vent for the second.

The reason there are so many rhabdo threads and people worrying about rhabdo and what seems like an unusually high occurence of rhabdo cases in CF compared to other workout regimes is I think directly linked to the number of threads from people who've been in CF for 6 months or a year or whatever, decide that it has changed their life and they want to share it with everybody, and go immediately drop the grand on an L1, start training people in their garage and start an affiliate, often times with no other relevent training experience.

What makes CrossFit great - that the affiliate structure allows for people to do things mostly their own way without somebody looking behind their back, that anybody can perform the workouts, that the combination of the workouts, community and competition is fairly "addicting" - is the same thing that can make it dangerous if taught and performed incorrectly - kipping pullups should not be done in volume until there's a reasonable level of strength in strict pullups, just as one example.
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