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Re: Wendler 5-3-1, deload, and mobility work

I would think that it is all time dependent - can you spend another 20 or so minutes at the gym mobilizing ? If so, do it. I'm not sure that there is such a thing as too much - perhaps - but considering the amount of time we spend each day not mobilizing, then can you do it too much? There may be a period of diminishing returns if you do the same thing over and over though. I don't think it's all that unusual to "mobilize" twice or more a day. For instance, I do some rolling in the morning to hit some of those tweaky spots from the day before; then some more when before/after I workout; and then other times when it strikes me to do so. Often it's just one body part here and there too. e.g. like roll the calf, or stretch the hammys, or lacrose ball the bottom of my feet while I watch TV (love that). I'll also do stretches too.

What is your "mobilizing" anyway ? Are you working on weak areas or just doing the same stuff over and over? Perhaps every deload you could do a test/retest scenario where you mix it up. E.g. Cycle 1 you work on ankle mobility and "maintenance". Then in that deload week, you test your ankles and either keep working that weak spot, or, find another weakness to hit up on the next cycle - like shoulders etc. Just a thought.

The one thing I've always wondered for Wendler deload is assistance work. I can't tell what to do with the deload week. e.g. If we do "boring but big" where we have the 5x10 burn out sets to do .... so do we do these on in Wave 4 too ?
Do you do assistance work with Wendler ? If so, what do you do for that on the deload week ?

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