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Re: Yet another Wendler 5-3-1 Template

the program is actually pretty flexible with what you can do - Wendler gives some recommendations. Really it depends on what your focus is. You can program for powerlifting, bodybuilding, or even conditioning work (metcons). Typically what I do - I will do my 3 sets of the main lift - then do 2 additional sets at 60% of my max and 2-3 other movements for assistance in that same area. Example for Bench day: 5/3/1, then 2 sets at 60%, 3 sets of incline press (DB or Barbell, depending if I am on A or B), 3 sets of weighted dips, then 3 sets of some plyo variation of pushups.

I do train biceps and triceps, but usually only do 1 movement and throw it in at the end of squat (bicep) and deadlift (tricep) day. I space it out so it will not interfere with bench or press.

I alot of people will through rows or some other pull movement (chins) on bench day. I actually do a 5th day of training and treat back on its own - trying to equal the volume I do on bench day so as to not create any imbalences in my shoulders. I do metcons completely seperately on the Weekends.

It has worked pretty well for me. I got stuck in a rut for a while, but since starting this program I have seen my press increase from 175 to 220, squat from 385 to 435, bench from 315 to 380 and DL from 450 to 515. I have been in the program for 9 months and haven't had to reset yet, but I think it is coming soon for press and squat.

<i>edit: restated my press - just realized I had not tested at this weight yet, it is the weight I am currently working off of, but have not gotten 225 yet.</i>
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