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Re: Yet another Wendler 5-3-1 Template

Looks cool. Are you planning on doing any assistance work? I started Wendler about 9 months ago, and built a spreadsheet that tracks and calculates the assistance work as well. This actually leads me to a question I have been meaning to ask - for those who are on 5/3/1:
I rotate my assistance work every 4 weeks - basically flipping back and forth between an A and a B for mesocycles. Are you guys increasing the weight on your assitance work as your maxes increase during the program?

I have been - and actually calculated a percentage for most of my assistance lifts off of one of my big 4 maxes (example: I do 3 sets of incline bench as an assistance on my bench day at 55% of what my stated bench max is), so as I increase my max, the assistance weight will increase automatically as well. Just wondering if anyone else is doing this as well.

Sorry - don't mean to hijack your thread.
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