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sticking point - 'solid core'

I'm struggling with something really basic and i'm just not getting it.

my HBBS is a respectable 245(ish)lbs and my deadlift just hit 375lbs.

BUT, i'm really struggling with the concept of a 'solid core' - what i mean is - i know you're supposed to 'flex your abs' (not in a show-your-six-pack way; but in a 'push-against-a-lifting-belt way) - the problem i'm having is i can't 'feel' it. at the start and the end of any movement i really try and have that 'flex' but i seem to loose it, or at least not notice it's gone during the movement.

is there anyway/ are there any exercises i can use to gain more awareness of this, and improve it? or is it just a case of "keep trying"

i know its a basic and almost stupid question, but i'm really stuck on this one and i'm sure it's a big reason my lifts are stalled.
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