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Re: HOw do I install rings in my condo

Look for a support beam. A big, fat wide one; the fatter and wider the better. Some people screw an eyelet into the bottom of one but I would rather drill a bolt into the side of the beam and hang the rings from there. Currently, I hang my rings from a pullup tower station. Some people hang theirs from portable door frame pullup bars. One of those Iron Gyms would work. None of these solutions allow for the rings to hang while using long straps and have clearance issues.

for rings:

there are Tyler's Hass Elite rings at, Coach Sommer's at, Rogue rings, PowerMax rings, Muscledriver rings, and some crossfitter's that sell rings on ebay.

I own Coach Sommer's rings and enjoy them because of the texture. Tyler's were the first of these commercial rings and I enjoyed them as well( the non metal ones ). Rogue's ring work but I wouldn't use metal rings preferably though I hear their strap system is good. PowerMax are decent but not as good as either Tyler's or Sommer's. I haven't played on the Muscledrivers yet so I dunno.

They are probably all around 50-75 bucks+shipping or maybe with shipping.
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