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Re: Best way to "fit" power cleans into a 531 strength + crossfit wod program

over the last few years i have been doing SS+crossfit, texas method+crossfit, CFSB, CFSB hybrid, 5/3/1 hybrid and what my body seems to respond the best to is an intermediate program that combines the best from all the programs i have tried. like this:

monday - 5/3/1 bench, DE squat, assistance + CFE intervals
tuesday - 5/3/1 deadlift, pullups + short metcon
wednesday - rest or CFE time trial
thursday - 5/3/1 press, 5/3/1 squat, assistance + CFE intervals
friday - ME & DE power cleans, pullups + short metcon
saturday - rest or long metcon
sunday - rest or CFE time trial

eat right, get your rest, & take days off when you need them on wed., sat., and/or sun.
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