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Re: Best way to "fit" power cleans into a 531 strength + crossfit wod program

Originally Posted by Andrew Bell View Post
True but if heavy it will help the front squat, which is a big weakness of mine right now as I can catch more in the bottom position than I can lift up in the front squat. In other words, when it gets to a little past a 1RM, I might be able to pull it and catch it in the bottom position, but I can't get it up through the squat.

That's where I'm coming from with that idea, thoughts?
In that case, sounds reasonable for working your front squats. In fact, you could even do something like 1 SC + 3-5 FS. Or you could do front squats out of the rack as assistance work for your back squats. Or you could sub FS for BS every other cycle. One of the beauties of 531 is you can follow the template and tweak it to meet your goals, either by subbing for a major lift or through the assistance work.
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