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Re: My Midlife Crisis

Bluntness hat ON.

One of these days, Ben, you're going to have to stop letting the urge to workout lead your programming. When I read your thread, it's consistently going back and forth from exhausted/painful to the uncontrollable desire to workout again.

If I were you, I would pick a website, I recommend CrossFit Brand X scaling site, and follow a 2 on, 1 off routine for a while, using someone else's workouts. Get your nutrition and rest in order, and see how much you improve. The gains you see, in my opinion, could be double, and a lot less painful. Too sore to sneeze, or too painful to continue, are not phrases that should be in your notes very often. Scaling is your friend. Intensity is just the gas pedal, remember that. Learn to drive first, and well. Then worry about the gas pedal.

Sorry, had to be a good coach there for a bit Ben.

Bluntness hat OFF
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