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Laparoscopy/ Incisional Hernia Question


I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience with a laparoscopic surgery and/or incisional hernia. At the end of December I had a cyst removed laparoscopically, and the doctor told me to avoid exercise for four weeks, and lifting for 6, because of the hernia risk of the incisions (small, but went through abdominal fascia). I tried to ask as many specific questions as possible, but my doctor basically just said "take it easy."

I started lifting light at the 6-week mark, and since the 8-week mark I've been working out harder, but still avoiding heavy ab work. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to build core strength back without damaging weak spots in fascia? Or, does anyone have experience to tell me what the warning signs are that I need to back off from an exercise?

Any advice much appreciated!

take care,
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