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Shazina Zaini
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Shazzie's Log

I've been dabbling with Crossfit on/off for a couple of years now. Been very slack lately (for too long), so starting this log will help.

Currently: 5'4"/134lbs

Did a modified version of Sunday's WOD:
Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
15 Sumo DL-type things instead of pullups (71lbs initially, then 49lbs when I couldn't lift it all the way. Hehe)
15 knee pushups
15 Back Extensions
15 situps

6 rounds. Eh. Probably should have done bench dips instead of pushups, come to think of it.

Diet today was pretty good but the post-work tapas undid me. Deepfried goodness. Didn't go nuts, though.
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