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Re: Mission Possible: Rebirth of Fledgling MMA Fighter

Friday, 10/24, Morning:

Night prior I had an impromptu trip to Hooters to inaugurate this girl's shift; it was "all you can eat and drink night". I ended up drinking 1.5 brewskies, and 10 wings w/o breading, but obv still not some boon for my health. Prior I ate some ham w/ low-fat cheese and 6 almonds. Not the worst dinner/"evening meal(s)", but not the best...especially w/ a big party tonight looming.

To compound matters my back is ailing right now and I wasn't able to complete the WOD -- 4x400m, 2m rest I clocked a 1:19 first lap, which included me having to take a turn at almost a walking pace. And that was all she wrote. Dissapointing. But, I look forward to tackling this workout in the future w/ a vengeance.

Tonight I may do some upper-body lifting w/ a friend just to break a sweat. My diet today, carb-wise, is going to be restricted to 2 Zone Shakes, 1 WW tortilla, 1 apple, and 1 orange.

To alcoholic binges and immoral, scantilly clad women!
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