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Re: Mission Possible: Rebirth of Fledgling MMA Fighter

Wednesday, 10/22, Morning:

3x3, BS, SP, DL -- 225, X, 185; 135*2, 115, 135*2; 275, 325, X

2k Row Race -- 7m28s

Not the prettiest numbers; my first time DLing last week I maxed @ 385 in a 5x3 routine. I was pretty fatigued, especially after a rigorous muay-thai session the night before, and combined w/ my first time BSing and SPing I suppose it was a recipe for ugliness .

Wednesday, 10/22, Evening:

Rest, primarily but I'm meeting up with a couple friends at a "Globo-Gym", so I might futz around with some low-rep movements. What I do tomarrow evening will be interesting as I should prolly take the entire day off from CF & MMA but I know I'm going to want to go train in the evening.....
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