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Mission Possible: Rebirth of Fledgling MMA Fighter

Well, as the title states I'm an aspiring MMA fighter; I have a relatively strong backround in boxing and kickboxing, and recently have begun BJJ, muay-thai, and MMA w/ the aim of having a series of amateur fights leading up to an actual "cage fight".


21, M, 205 screaming-pounds/~15% BF (as of 10/10/08)

As of the 10th I began SS-like training, and incorporated some workouts from RossTraining, which I had a fling w/ when I was competitively boxing. Ultimately, I herniated a disc in my neck, which led me to have a ~1year recovery process which I never fully recovered from: health-wise, performance-wise, "mind-wise". That is, until I finally recovered from my injury to the point where I was able to join a bangin' MMA center. This leads me to 10/10/08 where I found CrossFit.

I live <5minutes from CrossFit Milford (Connecticut), and this past Monday I began my first week of training. I'll be abiding by a 3:1 ratio of active days to rest days, complimenting MMA training 6x/week. This is my ideal and I will stick to it as best I can; in actuality, sh*t happens, and the occasional workout will have to be nixed.

~185 is what I want to weigh, and it is what I will weigh. I began a 19-block (with fatX2) Zone yesterday and will stick to that. "Unfortunately", my newfound circle of friends aren't maniacal like I am about fitness, so I might succumb to the occasional few rounds of drink or "cheat meal". My guess is that between my workload and inherent "athleticism" I can get to where I want to be with the sporadic "cheat", but, if I ever lag for w/e reason I'll just grind my teeth and do what it takes to get to where I need to be and then work on "maintenance".

So, without further ado, I will posit that my first 3 CF workouts have been incredibly humbling, and that my secondary goal is to qualify for the 09' CF Games. But, with stats like this I need to shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears!

Monday, 10/13, Morning:

Deadlifts, 5x3 -- 250, 275, 320, 360, 385 *the 385 number I remember w/ certainty, the rest are guesstimations. First time deadlifting. I was happy with my performance and feel I could have gone heavier. That I didn't, as I soon discovered, was a blessing. :stir:

Monday, 10/13, Evening:

Muay-Thai, light combination work

Tuesday, 10/14, Morning:

Fran -- 20m20s, w/ band assists on pullups *horrible, HORRIBLE, but enlightening experience; I woke up drowsy and thought "*@)@ I'm pretty sore; that evening I couldn't all....and had to move like a semi-crippled joke....

Tuesday, 10/14, Evening:

Training skipped; infinitely too sore.

Wednesday, 10/15, Morning:

This is recollection, which I will pinpoint ASAP -- 15pound medball deadlift/shrug/clean/squat-movement, 15reps followed by 10 burpeeps.....7 rounds......I don't recall my time but I'll search for it....was equally pitiful as my Fran, though, generally speaking.

Wednesday, 10/15, Evening:

Muay-Thai, light combination work *still incredibly sore, w/ newfound soreness in neck, shoulders, and entire leg-region.

Thursday, 10/16, Morning:


Thursday, 10/16, Evening:

Muay-Thai, pad work moderate intensity

Friday, 10/17, Morning:

Cindy -- 12 rounds + 5pullups *felt sorta rundown initially, finished strong, however, and made headway on kipping pullups and generally explosiveness through movements; have now begun to increase fat blocks to help performance levels.

Friday, 10/17, Evening:

Rest, Mom's Birthday!

Weekly Summary:

First week in the books, and I just finished my 3-pack of 1-1 workouts. Simply put, CrossFit rocks, is the Cat's Meow (w/e the hell that means), and is a dynamic program of fitness geared towards multi-faceted performance like I've never seen. I'm hooked. Also, the owner/trainer Jason is very impressive as a trainer and all-around guy.

A humorous irony wafted through my woozy head after finishing Cindy, and it's something which I emotionally felt after finishing Fran: the notion of a rebirth, at least a physical one. Starting CrossFit is humbling; it's like being in an infantile state. And, like a baby, you often find yourself curled up in a fetal-esque position!

Can't wait for the coming week, weeks, month, months, etc. Man, my enthusiasm for CF right now is right up there w/ my MMA itself.....just love the concept and program....
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