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Bryan Veis
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Thanks for the welcome, Carrie.

I initially bought my C2 rower for the use of my two younger daughters (at least that's what I told my wife). They're both high school rowers. One of my goals for the post-season (in a month or so) is to introduce them to Crossfit to train for next season.

Every year, I set up a conditioning program for them, but it seems to fall apart because of teenage-short-attention-span syndrome. Additionally, of course, on-water rowers view the erg as a necessary evil, which becomes much less necessary off-season, when there's no coach or team to push them to get on it.

I'm hoping that the variety here (in addition to its obvious physical benefits) will keep them focused and interested in a way that an erg-centered program clearly does not. (Now, you might think that sisters with a common athletic interest would push each other, but since they row for two different -- arch-rival -- high schools, that just doesn't happen. The trash-talk can get erally ugly in my house.)

Anyway, I guess that my family will be a laboratory for the cross-pollination between the two communities.
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