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The way I see it, that's where we come in. Yeah, sure, the folks at C2 have seen how much the CF community is growing, and how adamantly many of us advocate their product, and they’re not morons about the sales potential there. They’re also seeing how we’ve adapted it to our purposes and are using it in ways that no one else is. They seem genuinely interested in learning from us how we're using their tool in new and and less specialized, ways. If we teach them about what we’re doing, and then they incorporate our kinds of uses into their teaching and marketing, that may reach at least some folks in the rowing communities, indoor & outdoor. We learn about technique from them, maybe get a discount, and they expand their thinking about rowing beyond monostructural training and the 2K and help promote functional fitness, CF-style. All to the good, IMO.

Of course, none of this disputes anything you said. Just a slightly different perspective on it. I certainly agree with you that the rower and rowing, like the other apparatus and specialties incorporated into CF, is just a tool. It’s a means, not an end.

P.S. I think I can safely say no one minds your chiming in (especially with a measured and well-written post). That's what the message board is for. Welcome.
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