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Compared to the personal trainer certs the ASCA course was pure gold. Plus if you want to work with athletes in say a rugby team or at the AIS then you HAVE to have the Lvl 1 cert.

The guys running it had about 20 years combined experience with national and international level athletes and they were heavily into functional movements, olympic lifting, throwing, strong man, interval work etc etc.

Their focus was very much on preparing athletes for competition and therefore using fairly specific sessions although they were quite happy with me proposing some crossfit type stuff.

There was also an emphasis on developing sports specific speed.

They had a big emphasis on squatting, disliked machine weights in general (with a few exceptions) and overall I was pretty happy to learn that most of what i've been going blue in the face trying to explain to PTs is actually mainstream in the S&C world.

A lot of the stuff was covered pretty quickly as we only had two days and there were a few practicals to do. Even though the Level 1 is their entry level course there wasn't enough info provided to become a coach from scratch. You would really require a good understanding of training before going to the course if you wanted to train people when you came out the other side.

I would guess that since you have been crossfitting for a while and reading the journals etc you would know most of the stuff in the course and would fly through it.

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