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Don Stevenson
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Over the weekend I was at a course to do my National Level 1 S&C coaches qualifications.

Overall I can't say I learnt a huge amount from the actual material presented but I did learn a lot from the two presenters experiences and also a few important things.

1. There are a lot of people who know all the cool anatomical/biomechanical terms and who still don't know anything about training.

2. The S&C guys are WAAAAAYYYYYY ahead of the personal trainers i've met and a lot of their stuff was pretty close to being crossfit.

3. The food at the NSW institute of sport cafe is crap.

I also got to meet and talk to Sean Eadie (former world champion in track cycling and an olympic medalist) He told us about some of his training and it was a real eye opener (250kg squats, plyos with 100kg+)

I tried to flog crossfit to one of the presenters and i think he will check it out at some stage too.
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