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So I was walking around home depot when I saw what might be the perfect answer to my ringlesnes (is that a word????:lame:). SOLID OAK TOWEL RINGS!!!!. At a cost off $5.49 each and a little sawing, sanding and repainting they will look like smaller versions of real gimnastics rings. My hands are not that big so I dont think the size will bother me but I have a few questions on how to set them up.

I was thinking about nylon towing straps looped inside the rings. Is there a particular reason loop them inside the ring? These rings come with a side tha kinda protrudes (great description huh) wish is the part that hangs on the wall normaly. Could I make a hole trough that and put a small strong rope through it? is there a particular realon why straps go inside of rings?? Maybe there is a need for the ring to slide withing the loops???

My other question is regarding grip. I've seen some pics that look like some grip tape has been added to the inside of the ring? Am i seing things or is this the way to go??

thanks for any answers
sorry for the length of the post
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