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Re: Tire Flipping

Originally Posted by Will Jefferies View Post
That's good to know, but it is always good when other people are going to do the leg work, this guy is going to train at our box and weld our pull up cage for us too.

Damn heavy. Is that like a Pood? Just kidding, I told her we probably wouldn't need a tire that big. Rob said only a few people can flip those bigger tires so I don't know, but I also want to have it for sledge hammer tabata too and a thicker tire would be nice there I think.

Your a good guy man, you are always good for some helpful advice so thanks.
Lol I'm thankful that a pood isn't the equivalent to this tire.

thanks for the compliment. I'm always willing to offer my insight (however irrelevant it may be) if it might make things a little easier for other affilliates.
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