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Re: What is considered fit?

If you want to discuss injury rates for people competing or training, you cannot look just at injury rates of training and competing. When I was playing rugby, I was always bruised or had something I had to train around. They were always from rugby. Oddly enough, my friends, who did no training, were often injured as well (slept funny, fell down the stairs, pulled something lifting a box, etc).

I'm not sure our total injury rate, but it seemed to be pretty close. Anything that would happen outside of training (slipping on icy step at school) was at such a low intesity, I would either adjust to not get injured at all (fall in the correct way or recover balance) or the impact was not such to cause injury (falling on the side walk doesn't feel so bad after 80 minutes of running into props/trucks).

It is the same problem with saying LSD burns more fat than high intensity training. If you look only at the time training, then yes, it does. If you look at the next 24 hours, it does not.
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