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Re: What is considered fit?

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
No, but pushing the envelope increases the injury risk substantially. If you never drive faster than 70 mph, you'll never hit a wall at 150 mph. If you never get on a high bar, you'll never injure yourself trying to land a tricky dismount. And if you never lift heavy weights, you'll never injure yourself by lifting them badly.

Elite athletes, by definition, push themselves to the edge of their capabilities. The suggestion that elite CrossFitters are somehow immune to the overtraining and injury risks faced by elite athletes in other sports is, IMO, ludicrous.

Even at non-elite levels, CrossFit's entire methodology depends on pursuit of intensity. While no one thinks DOMS is a good thing, I'll bet many people on this board would say that if you've never experienced it, you aren't getting the most out of CF. We talk about scaling, but the very phrase "as Rxed" suggests that doing the workouts as specified is the ultimate goal. Every affiliate has a white board so that members can see how they measure up. Many individual CrossFitters obsessively track their own performance. In an environment specifically designed to harness human competitiveness, people are going to stay within their limits on every workout all of the time? You've got to be kidding. Not going to happen. And as soon as pushing the limits becomes desirable, injuries become inevitable.

Which is not to say that CrossFit is bad, or that CF is more risky than other forms of intense training. Just to suggest that shooting the messenger doesn't invalidate the message.

I think it would be interesting to look at the training of the Top 10 Male and Female finishers from last year's Games and see what their injury rates were over the past year as they prepared for this year's Games...

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