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filthy fifty

I am weak, I am fragile. I am beginning crossfit, and this was one heck of a workout! I began with quarter workouts, moved to half of the WOD, and now, quite often, I am able to complete the entire workout.

I won't post times or loads, because it is just embarassing. But when I am trying to beat your times, I will post.

Some of the loads called for are extreme, even for a bigger person than me. I am 53 years old, 5'8" 150lb 15-17%bf. I have a lifetime of athletics, mostly national and almost olympic caliber gymnastics. I have been a professional stuntman for thirty years (see me at )

This is finally the answer to my needs! CROSSFIT ROCKS!

All in all, I did a thrifty thirty, fast, right before work. It still hurt, don't worry.
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