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Re: Need help choosing an AF Base


I'm in the Air Force, and am actually waiting on an assignment right now. If you are looking at the East Coast, then there's Bolling (D.C.), expensive, Andrews, same. Hanscom, really really small base, but very nice. They just put in a new gym too. Dover is small but Delaware is close to a lot. Same with McGuire in NJ. (that's one of my choices this time around). WP in Ohio hosts the AF marathon every year and houses the Air Forcce's Museum. Ohio is kind of a sleeper state too. A lot of people think of it as midwest country, but there's a lot of big citiies. Further down the East Coast, you have the Carolinas, but you don't want to go to Pope. I've heard good things about Seymour Johnson. Where are you going to school right now? If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me or send a pm.

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