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movnat style training - opinions

Hi folks

So I have been contemplating making a change to my training for some time now towards a more Movnat inspired approach.

For those unfamiliar here's a link (WFS safe):

I recently attended one of the Movnat 2 day workshops and was very impressed as the methodology instantly made sense to me.

In a nutshell, whilst I find Crossfit enjoyable and useful, I have come to the conclusion (after quite a few years of training), that the gap between the 'functional' aspects of CF and the actual 'practical' application of CF style training and fitness is quite wide. All this so called 'functional' training but never really applying it to anything other than more training or competing in CF.

So my intention would be to partake in the following forms of training, still taking a 'generalist' approach (which is common to CF and Movnat):
- walking (for distance, hills, hikes and general strolls)
- running (short and fast, long and slow, hills, dunes, and trails
- crawling and quadrupedal movement - on flats, hills etc
- climbing - indoor and outdoor rock climbing, bouldering, poles, ropes, playground equipment, trees
- grappling - I already do BJJ on a regular basis
- balancing - beams, rocks, balance while carrying loads,
- swimming - short and fast, long and slow, underwater, varied strokes
- lifting and carrying - farmers walks, firemans carries (people and objects), waiter walks, for distance, on balance beams, some cleans of odd objects and pressing

My main focus would be to completely move away from 'set and reps', work 'for time', and other conventional and for me, boring and repetitive, fitness formats.

Basically I would just try and combine the above elements in some form everyday. Just play, try new movements, new challenges, actually do the real practical human movements we're all trying to get better at instead of trying to bust out 50 DLs for time or some couplet or triplet in the belief that it will assist me to perform the aforementioned skills should the need arise.

As an example that lead me towards this change in thinking I recall a bunch of people at my local CF affiliate training for Tough Mudder by doing nothing but CF. None of them spent any time a) getting prepared to run the 20km, or b) practicing the skills that would be called upon on the course such as crossing monkey bar bridges, climbing over 10foot walls, crawling for distance on slippery terrain or climbing a cargo net. All of these skills were completely absent in their training.

The Tough Mudder example aside, I wanted to know whether other folks here have thought the same thing and what kind of results could be expected from abandoning the pursuit of 'fitness' and instead pursuing skill, efficiency and enjoyment through the practice of basic human movements patterns (assuming that fitness will be one of many by-products).

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